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The National Association Of Green Agents and Brokers (NAGAB) is Canada's largest  Non Profit  association of Greerealestate™ Real Estate representatives. The Association is committed to promoting ways and means of  reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing building energy efficiency, conservation, overall sustainability  and environmental awareness. The association  offers an affordable Greenrealestate™ program for real estate representatives  leading to the commercial and residential Accredited Greenagent™ and Accredited Greenbroker™ (AGA™ & AGB™) designations.

Greenrealestate®; designees provide a means by which  consumers are able to find  real world green expertise in their real estate  representatives. As a Greenrealestate®; professional you can have a real long term positive impact on your community. Get the designation that will help you make it happen!



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“I highly recommend REALTORS® earn their Accredited Greenagent™ designation. A growing number of ‘green conscious/savvy’ home buyers and sellers are emerging into the marketplace. They want energy efficient and eco-friendly homes. As a REALTOR® it is important that we are educated on ‘green’ real estate and remain on the forefront, so that we can deliver the best possible service to our clients. With the knowledge you will acquire by taking the Greenrealestate program™ you will be able to go out into the marketplace promoting yourself on a higher level. You will develop the skill set required to market and sell ‘green’ real estate. You will attract more clients to do business with, especially the ‘green conscious/savvy’ ones. You will be an important source to create awareness on how important it is to conserve energy and to make environmentally-friendly choices. You will be able to make recommendations and provide tips and advice in everyone’s home, which will gain you much respect and referrals from your clients. So let’s spread the ‘green’ real estate news as REALTORS® - and start by getting your designation today!”

Heather Stock
Accredited Greenagent®
a member in Good Standing of NAGAB


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Samantha Clement

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